Corio meets Golden Plains in Geelong Community Cup Final

Corio meets Golden Plains in Geelong Community Cup Final

Roy Hay

Corio will be an unbackable favourite to win the Geelong Community Cup on Sunday when it takes on newcomer Golden Plains in the final at Myers Reserve at 6 pm. Corio has been in the last five finals and lost them all and this time it is determined to reclaim the pre-season trophy it last won in 2010. Golden Plains surprised everyone, including host club Geelong Rangers, with a single goal victory in its semi-final last Sunday and has nothing to lose in its first appearance in the competition.

Golden Plains (in yellow) take on Geelong Rangers in the Geelong Community Cup semi-final

Both teams should be close to full strength. Corio gave Vedran Stojanovic a brief run off the bench against Bell Park last Sunday and he responded with the final goal in a four–two win. Andrew Longo’s blistering free kick produced the only goal of the second semi-final, but it was enough to down the Dark Blues.

Corio (photo courtesy of Mario Gregorio)

The match for third place between Geelong Rangers and Bell Park will kick off at 4 pm at Myers Reserve on Sunday, followed by the final at 6 pm.

Geelong Advertiser Cup/Diversity Cup Finals 1981–2017

1981    Bell Park                                    1          Hamlyn Rangers                     0

(Ray Pocock)

1982    Corio                                          3          Geelong United                       2

(George Tillinger, Mick Oppermann,      (Joe Fopiani, Pilgrim)

Eddie Radojevic)

1983    Geelong                                      5          West Geelong                          1

(Andy Munro, Darren Tuck 2,                (Bill Nikolovski)

Don Smythe 2)

1984    West Geelong                             2          Geelong                                    1

(Wally Stojanovski 2)                             (Liam McCloskey)

1985    North Geelong                           2          Geelong United                       1

(John Hrkac, Robert Cosic)                    (Hugh Rattray)

1986    North Geelong                           2          Geelong                                    0

(Billy Auld, John Hrkac)

1987    Hamlyn Rangers                       1          East Geelong                           0

(Billy Muir)

1988    Bell Park                                    6          North Geelong                         4

(Paul Mills 2, Tommy Cumming 2,        (John Hrkac 3, John Coutts)

Zoran Babic, Own goal) After one-all draw

1989    Corio-Geelong United               0          North Geelong                         2

(Mirko Brandich, David Krasic)

1990    Geelong                                      2          North Geelong                         2

(Kenny Prior, Mel Jones)                       (John Hrkac, Adrian Cervinski)

Geelong won 4-3 on penalties

1991    North Geelong                           3          Corio-Geelong United            1

(Adrian Cervinski 2, David Cervinski) (Sergio di Blasi)

1992    North Geelong                           6          Geelong                                    1

(John Didulica 3,                                     (Mel Jones)

Goran Georgievski 2, Bogdan Bonk)

1993    North Geelong                           1          Bell Park                                  0

(John Didulica)

1994    North Geelong                           4          Geelong                                    1

(John Didulica, Ivan Skoko,                   (Mark Linney)

Josip Skoko, Miro Stosic)

1995    North Geelong                           6          Geelong Rangers                     2

(Ivan Skoko 3, Charles Fitzpatrick,         (Andrew Munro, Scott Davison)

Zoran Roso, George Dimovski)

1996    North Geelong                           8          Geelong                                    1

(George Dimovski 3, Ante Deak 2,        (Steven Ginoski)

Ante Skoko, Charles Fitzpatrick, own goal)

1997    North Geelong                           3          Geelong                                    2

(Ivan Skoko 2, David Cuell)                   (Grant Carr, Vlado Stojanovski)

1998    North Geelong                           2          Corio                                        2

(Grgo Saric, Mate Dulic)                        (Stanko Leban, Boris Leban)

(Corio won 6-5 on penalties)

1999    Geelong                                      3          Corio                                        2

(Cedo Rakic, Lou Stefanovski,               (Ivan Biscan, Stanko Leban)

Bobby Kules)

2000    Geelong                                      1          North Geelong                         1

(George Dimovski)                                 (Robbie Noggler)

(Geelong won on penalties)

2001    North Geelong                           2          Corio                                        1

(Ivan Skoko 2)                                        (Miro Stosic)

2002    North Geelong                           1          Geelong                                    2

(Grgo Saric)                                            (Nick Bosevski, Troy Hardy)

2003    North Geelong                           3          Hoppers Crossing                   2

(Tom Gavran, Goran Skoko,                  (Vincent Honore, Andrew Jablonski)

Chris Tabak)

(North Geelong 2 Hoppers Crossing 2 at full time, North won by golden goal)

2004    North Geelong                           2          Geelong Rangers                     1

(Adrian Cervinski 2)                               (Scott Davison)

(North Geelong 1 Geelong Rangers 1 at full time, North won by golden goal)

2005    North Geelong                           4          Geelong                                    0

(Daniel Dragicevic, Mijo Trupkovic,

Adrian Cervinski, David Cervinski)

2006    North Geelong                           5          Geelong Rangers                     1

(Tom Gavran 2, Ante Deak,

Tony Saric, Robert Hibbins)

2007    North Geelong                           2          Geelong Rangers                     0

(Mark Paleka, Manny Karas)

2008    Geelong                                      3          Hoppers Crossing                   1

(Jasmin Ikanaovic 2,                               (Athan Likoudaris)

Bobby Sobevski)

2009    Surfcoast                                    0          Geelong Rangers                     1

(James Blackburn)

2010    Surfcoast                                    0          Corio                                        1

(Drew Corry)

2011    North Geelong                           4          Geelong                                    0

(Robert Zadworny 2, Bojan Misljenovic,

Matthew Demo)

2012    North Geelong                           8          Corio                                        1

(Michael Anderson 5, Alan Paleka,        (Mijo Marinovic)

Robbie Zadworny, Callum Ferguson)

2013    Corio                                          0          North Geelong                         2

(Jackson Davis, Reardo Luka)

2014    North Geelong                           1          Corio                                        1

(Matt Townley)                                       (Vedran Stojanovic)

(North won 4–1 on penalties)

2015    Geelong                                      1          Corio                                        1

(Jasmin Ikanovic)                                    (Andrew Palmieri)

(Geelong won 4–3 on penalties)

Morris Finance Cup

2016    Bell Park                                    2          Corio                                        1

(Mijo Marinovic, Frank Modica)            (Nathan Cook)

Action between Lara United (in white) and Golden Plains in the group stages of the Community Cup.

Geelong Community Cup

2017    Corio                                          v          Golden Plains

()                                                                         ()

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