Hat trick for Dorris Family

Billy Dorris, senior and son Eddie Dorris (right) with 2007 Geelong Soccer Personality of 2007 trophy.

Eddie Dorris was presented with the trophy as Geelong Soccer Personality of 2007 at the launch of the Century 21 Community Shield at North Geelong’s Elcho Park on Friday night, thus becoming the third member of his family to win this award.

His father, Billy Dorris, senior, won the second award in 1992, and Eddie’s elder brother, Billy, junior, followed in 2000.

Billy, junior, passed away in 2005 after a life devoted to coaching and promoting juniors, just like his father and younger brother, but Billy, senior, was present to see Eddie collect the trophy.

Most recently Eddie has been senior coach at Bell Park, taking the team to second place in Division Three North West of the Provisional League last year and hence promotion to Division Two.

It is generally acknowledged that he got the very best out of a squad which had no real stars but who were prepared to make the requisite effort under his leadership.

He has also coached a series of junior representative teams for the Western Victoria Soccer Association something stressed by the President Joe Cappadona when he handed over the award.

He was also no mean player, making up for a lack of pace, by careful reading of the game and intelligent positioning.

Knowing how hard he had to work to improve his skills helped make him the excellent coach and teacher he subsequently became.

In his acceptance remarks, Eddie said how proud he was to be following in the footsteps of his family and the other winners of the award, which recognises the contribution of those who do much good work behind the scenes for the game in Geelong.

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