Tuesday 15 March 2016

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for corruption to be tackled

There have been a number of high profile cases or allegations of corruption in sport in recent weeks. Mike Newell, manager of Luton Town football club in England has just blown the whistle on the culture of bungs, bribes and …

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A-League on a knife edge

Much as everyone connected with association football in Australia wants the new A-League to succeed the signs at present are not as rosy as the announcement of a

Just a suggestion

I am not sure SESA should be encouraging others to risk their money, but if you have the entrepreneurial spirit and you want to have a flutter in

Joey ties the knot

[caption id="attachment_526" align="alignright" width="293" caption="Kate Dzidzic and Joey Didulica lead the dance at their wedding reception."][/caption] Geelong’s star football (soccer) goalkeeper, Joey Didulica, tied the knot with

Australia and the World Cup

Getting to the World Cup was hard enough, but now Australia faces the current and five times world champion, Brazil, European powerhouse Croatia and Asian champion Japan in

No butts

The Materazzi-Zidane incident may turn out to be a storm in a tea cup, but for the moment it is occupying hectares of space in the media around

Now I have seen it all

I thought I was a fairly seasoned traveller, but a day spent recovering after the Australia versus Brazil match in Munich in the 2006 World Cup in Germany

Vale George Best

Why do grown men weep for little boys who do not grow up?  Do they weep for themselves? In a lifetime following football I can remember few more

We always qualify for the World Cup in Germany

When people asked me earlier this year could the Socceroos do it, I used to try to cheer them up by saying, ‘We always qualify for the World

Back to the future, not the past

Is it time to scrap the Australian youth coaching scheme and replace it with what went before or something based on Brazilian or French models as Craig Foster

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