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The next financial crisis?

The next financial crisis? Published in the Geelong Advertiser, 28 September 2011, p. 22 as ‘Reconciling price, real vlaue is just trouble.’ Roy Hay This column does not offer financial advice. Nor is it very good at predicting the future. …

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Native wildlife

Species extinction and the human record

Rosella and Galah in a shrubbery at Teesdale Species extinction and the human record By Roy Hay This article was originally published in the Geelong Advertiser, on Tuesday 28 June 2011,

Global waffle

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 11 November 2006, p. 35. Do you ever wonder about the contradictory notions which surround the current debates and practices on global warming, drought and the

Climate change policy in an era of uncertainty

Published as 'Pollution is nothing new', Geelong Advertiser, Wednesday 6 August 2008, p. 00. The debate on climate change policy is becomingly increasingly strident and certainly baffling to many

Economics of climate change, part one

Published as 'Reality check', Geelong Advertiser, Friday 11 July 2008, p. 21. The 500-page Garnaut report on what Australia should do about climate change is not your average bedtime

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