Tuesday 15 March 2016

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Go-for-your-Life Cup 2009

Geelong’s pre-season competition has a new sponsor, the Victorian government, and the tournament will be called the Go-for-Life Cup. The format will be similar to that of the long-running Geelong Advertiser Cup which became established as the best non-metropolitan competition …

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Private capital. A step forward or a step back?

Published as Troubled skies, Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 23 December 2006, p. 25. In the last few months there has been a surge of financial manipulation which aims to turn a

A turning point or a dead end for Labor?

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 9 December 2006, p. 39. The Australian Labor Party has cast the dice with the appointment of the ‘dream team’ of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard

A weekend in Adelaide

Sav Blanc, SA nudists (Advertiser headline), Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 9 December 2006, p. 56. Some of the best holidays are just on our doorstep here in Australia. We’ve been

Olympic Memories

An edited version appeared as 'The day a nation pooled its anger', Geelong Advertiser, Monday 27 November 2006, p. 15. Yet more journalism archives Easy Victory keeps slender finals hopes

Global waffle

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 11 November 2006, p. 35. Do you ever wonder about the contradictory notions which surround the current debates and practices on global warming, drought and the

A government for the new world

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 21 October 2006, p. 39. Do you ever get the feeling that we are at a pivotal point in the history of the world? Just to

Outsourcing can hurt within

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 23 September 2006, p, 33. Public bodies and private corporations throughout Australia have been engaged in a massive restructuring of their operations. It has been going

Capital venues must be shared

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 9 September 2006, p. 35. Well, well, who would have thought it? No footy finals in Melbourne after this week-end for two weeks, but the Storm

Historic hope*

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 26 August 2006, p. 35. We have a curious situation in Australia in 2006. Australian history is a tiny part of the school curriculum for the

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