Tuesday 15 March 2016

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Some traditions shortlived

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 5 January 2008, p. 31. The turn of the year is a time to take stock. But why? What is it about certain dates or events which cause us to set them apart to be celebrated, commemorated …

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Overdoing it

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 15 December 2007, p. 39. We sometimes get a very distorted view of Australia’s place in the world from our media. Reading the accounts of the

Christmas reading

Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 4 December 2007, p. 13. It is the season of publishers’ catalogues, booksellers promotions, book launches and serendipitous strolls around the bookshops of Geelong and Melbourne

Hanging Ben out to dry, ignoring Dick

Geelong Advertiser, Wednesday 21 November 2007, p. 19. When sports officials want to bring someone to heel they often resort to an omnibus charge of bringing the game into

An extraordinary, ordinary woman

The page on which this column appears is called Perspective and I certainly gained some perspective on life when my mother-in-law died two weeks ago.  She was

Origins of footy again and a cautionary tale of Tutsi high jumping

Published as 'Footy fiction', Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 16 October 2007, p. 15. by Roy Hay The recent rediscovery of an etching at the Museum of Victoria which appears to show

Football and religion

Published as 'Praise them' Geelong Advertiser, Wednesday 10 October 2007, p. 23. The notion of football as a secular religion is an old one. Marx wrote about religion as

It’s Wigan not Paris

My wife turned down a trip to Paris this week. We have been married so long, she knows which questions to ask and when I asked if she

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