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My Christmas reading

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 6 January 2007, p. 25. One of the joys of the Christmas and New Year holidays is the chance, once the festivities are over, to settle down with a book or three, not for work but for …

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I’ve seen the future and I’m worried

Australian and British Soccer Weekly, Tuesday 9 October 2007, p. 14. Last month I was at the 25th annual conference of the British sports historians in Stirling and after

Victory’s victory

Geelong Advertiser , Monday 22 October 2007, p. 33. Putting its off-field problems with star recruit Ljubo Milicevic behind it, Melbourne Victory pulled off a narrow two-one win against

Kevin, we are the ones who should be seeing red.

Age, Sport, Monday 3 December 2007, p. 12. Dear Kevin No, I haven’t played the game at professional level, so I don’t know first hand the situations you face every

Victory finals hopes dashed

Geelong Advertiser, Monday, 17 December 2007, p. 42. Melbourne Victory effectively surrendered its chance of playing in this year’s final series when it lost by three goals to one

Overdoing it

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 15 December 2007, p. 39. We sometimes get a very distorted view of Australia’s place in the world from our media. Reading the accounts of the

Christmas reading

Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 4 December 2007, p. 13. It is the season of publishers’ catalogues, booksellers promotions, book launches and serendipitous strolls around the bookshops of Geelong and Melbourne

Hanging Ben out to dry, ignoring Dick

Geelong Advertiser, Wednesday 21 November 2007, p. 19. When sports officials want to bring someone to heel they often resort to an omnibus charge of bringing the game into

An extraordinary, ordinary woman

The page on which this column appears is called Perspective and I certainly gained some perspective on life when my mother-in-law died two weeks ago.  She was

Origins of footy again and a cautionary tale of Tutsi high jumping

Published as 'Footy fiction', Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 16 October 2007, p. 15. by Roy Hay The recent rediscovery of an etching at the Museum of Victoria which appears to show

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