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History and mythology in education

Published as ‘ Footy facts’, Geelong Advertiser, Thurday 31 July 2008, p. 21. The Newspapers in Education column of the Geelong Advertiser is one of many excellent services this paper provides for teachers and their students. Presenting issues in the …

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Learning from the tour

Geelong Advertiser, Monday 28 July 2008, p. 21. Like many people I have had a flickering interest in the Tour de France for many years, especially when someone one

Economics of climate change, part one

Published as 'Reality check', Geelong Advertiser, Friday 11 July 2008, p. 21. The 500-page Garnaut report on what Australia should do about climate change is not your average bedtime

Who says sport and politics don’t mix?

Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 21 June 2008, p. 43. Who says sport and politics don’t mix? At the personal level they definitely do. In Geelong we have had a number

Australian myopia and the origins of football

Published as 'Evidence the key to our game's origins', The Age, Saturday 31 May 2008, Insight, p. 9. Perhaps we might make a little more sense out of the

Footy celebrations and origin myths

Published as 'PC Footbrawl', Geelong Advertiser, Saturday 17 May 2008, p. 37. Here in Australia we have one of best games of football on the planet. That’s not just

The real cost of Australian sport

Published as 'Untold story of sports rorts', Geelong Advertiser, Wednesday, 14 May 2008, p. 23. Have you ever wondered how much our national obsession with sport costs us? As

Baffled by strange errors

Geelong Advertiser, Thursday, 20 March 2008, p. 19. I was in my favourite local computer store the other day picking up some new software and discussing the glitches and

Tough Treaty

Geelong Advertiser, Tuesday 4 March 2008, p. 13. As Australians embark on coming to terms with some of the episodes in their past, including what happens after an apology

Chickens coming home to roost

Geelong Advertiser, Thursday 24 January 2008, p. 19. As the United States home loan debacle continues to bring low major American financial houses and the Australian stock market sheds

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