Sunday 13 March 2016

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St Joseph's College, 1940

The history of St Joseph’s College, Geelong

The history of the College is available. Roy Hay and Marnie Haig-Muir, The Boys on Newtown Hill: A history of St Joseph’s College, Geelong, 1935-2007, Sports and Editorial Services Australia and St Joseph’s College, Geelong, 2007. If you are interested …

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A Tale of two footballs: The origins of Australian Rules and Association Football revisited.

Roy Hay gave a talk to the 150 Years of Football Conference, University of Melbourne and Victoria University on 15 July 2008. He also contributed to a session

The real cost of Australian sport

An article by Roy Hay on the real costs of sport is in the current issue of Ken Davidson's magazine Dissent, No. 28, Summer 2008/2009, pp. 58-60. Quite

New article on football and public order

Ian Warren and Roy Hay have published ‘“Fencing them in”: The A-League, Policing and the Dilemma of Public Order,’ Soccer and Society, vol. 10, no. 1 January 2009,

New History of the Geelong Football Club

Roy Hay has just completed the first chapter of a new history of the Geelong Football Club, ‘A Club is born,’ in John Murray, ed., We are Geelong:

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