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A group of VSF officials and members of the press taken in 1969-70. Several were then or later life members of the Federation. Back row, left to right. Henry Dressler, George Yelland, Norm Couzens, John Klimecki, Len Willmer (secretary) George Sawczak, Laurie Schwab, John Oliphant, John Castellini, Taffy Coombes, Enver Begovic. Front row: John Gorton, Andy Kun, Vic Manson. Source: Laurie Schwab collection, Deakin University Library.

Life Membership of Football Federation Victoria

Life membership of the Federation By Roy Hay As part of the settlement which saw the Victorian Soccer Federation (VSF) succeed the Victorian Amateur Soccer Football Association (VASFA) as the governing body of the game in this state in 1962, …

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‘Soccer in Geelong since the War’

Roy Hay, 'Soccer in Geelong since the War,' Investigator, No. 116, vol 29,  No. 3, September 1994, pp. 87-108. Click on link below. Post war soccer in

‘Soccer in Geelong between the Wars’

Roy Hay, ‘Soccer in Geelong between the Wars’, Investigator, No. 115, vol 29,  No. 2, June 1994, pp. 47-60. Click on link below. Geelong Soccer between the

List of publications 1966 – 2006

Click on link below. List of research and publications 2006, Roy

‘British Football, Wogball or the World Game?’

Roy Hay, ‘British Football, Wogball or the World Game? Towards a social history of Victorian Soccer’, in John O’Hara (ed.), Ethnicity and Soccer in Australia, ASSH Studies in

The Use and Abuse of Oral Evidence

Roy Hay, The Use and Abuse of Oral Evidence, Deakin University Press, Geelong, 1986, pp. 24. Amended and updated. © Deakin University and SESA. Click on link below.

The administrative history of the Australian Ladies’ Golf Union/Women’s Golf Australia

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The history of Geelong Golf Club 1892 – 2004

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A social history of Australian soccer (football) with Dr Bill Murray, La Trobe University

[caption id="attachment_603" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Croatia really did receive the Victorian Amateur Soccer Football Association Division One North penant in 1959 and here is a young Mark Viduka (centre)

The history of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce

This is the story of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce and its members since its foundation in 1853. After a hiatus in the latter part of the

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