Sunday 05 June 2016

A social history of Australian soccer (football) with Dr Bill Murray, La Trobe University

Croatia really did receive the Victorian Amateur Soccer Football Association Division One North penant in 1959 and here is a young Mark Viduka (centre) and colleagues holding it. Left to right, Dinko Paleka, ?, Vera Paleka, Josip Bebic, Mark Viduka, Damien Vojtek, Vink Buljubasic. Photo: Roy Hay.

For the full story see The Croatia Story (forthcoming) or a briefer account in Roy Hay, ‘British Football, Wogball or the World Game? Towards a social history of Victorian Soccer’, in John O’Hara (ed.), Ethnicity and Soccer in Australia, ASSH Studies in Sports History Number 10, Australian Society for Sports History, Campelltown, 1994, pp. 44-79. Amended and updated 2005. © ASSH and SESA.  British Football, Wogball or the World Game See page 11.

Victoria versus New South Wales at Epping Stadium in 2003, taking part in a tradition of interstate matches which started in 1883. Photo: Roy Hay.

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